Face 2 Face Webcam

During video conferences, direct eye contact with the other person is usually not possible due to the elevated position of the webcam. This innovative invention provides a simple remedy: 

Face 2 Face is mounted in front of a webcam to adjust its perspective so that the participants of a video call can look directly into each other's eyes. 

This is how it works

The perspective of the camera is shifted using a special, periscope-like arrangement of mirrors and lenses. This allows an eye to eye conversation during online video conferences or calls.

This periscope is extremely compact and can be attached to any webcam model. For the prototype, a mirror with an edge length of 50mm was used. By means of an optical system, it should be possible to miniaturise the area.


Current ProbleM

The camera is either above or below the screen, but never at eye level. This makes it impossible to look directly into each others eyes!

You can look into the lens of the camera and give the other person the impression that you are looking directly at them. But since you no longer have the other person in your direct field of vision, direct emotional interaction is not easily possible and is therefore not a real solution to the initial problem.

Area of Scope

Whether desktop PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone: wherever conventionally placed cameras prevent eye contact during a video call, the Face 2 Face webcam solution becomes the first choice.



Hardly noticeable due to the miniature format, Face 2 Face additionally benefits from the optical "penumbra" effect


Plug and Play: easy to install, no vulnerable or complex technology required

Suitable for many webcams

Face 2 Face can be easily combined with any webcam model

Alternative Top-Solution

More effective and better than all currently available alternatives such as teleprompters, special software or a change of camera location...

current Prototype

original Prototype

3D Visualisation


Type of protection: GER patent registration

Title: Device for avoiding or reducing parallax 

Registration number: 10 2020 128 278.8

Date of registration: 28.10.2020

Main claim: Device for avoiding or reducing parallax during digitally transmitted, at least visual communication by means of at least two imaging devices, which device is intended for temporary, permanent and/or fixed mounting in front of at least one imaging device and comprises at least one light-beam-reflecting and/or deflecting optical element, characterized in that it further comprises at least one light-guiding element comprising at least one tubular and/or hose-shaped hollow body having an inner space and at least two openings arranged at the opposite ends of the hollow body, wherein the deflecting optical element is arranged in the inner space of the hollow body, and wherein a first opening is arranged or mountable in front of a light-beam-receiving input of the image-recording apparatus and at least the position of the second opening is adjustable in such a way that the second opening is arranged in the viewing axis of a user. 


a side view of the structure and arrangement of an exemplary embodiment of a device according to the invention;


the arrangement of a device according to the invention from the perspective of the user or participant to be recorded of an (audio-)visual communication;


a schematic representation to illustrate the formation of an optical penumbra;

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